ICAD Day One yay!!!

Hi guys just a quick hello and then I am off to my birthday dinner (even though my birthday isn't until Tuesday) But anyhoo here is my first card. Today she put up some prompts for this week and the first one was Zebra so I grabbed my zebra print fabric and made some fun ruffles! If you don't know about ICAD go check out Daisy Yellow's blog for all the info! Have a great Saturday night!

Lots of pretty pages to share!

Hello! I know it's been awhile but this last week was really busy and I had a lot going on! On Thursday our dog Copper had to have a cancerous tumor removed from the side of his body. I have to say Copper just doesn't give up he is a big (snuggly) tank! I have been working on a lot of different projects, last night I made my first fabric card with lots of messy sewing, I also made a really cool postcard and envelope for a swap. I will take pictures tonight and post them soon! I also made some fabric bracelets and headbands and will also post them soon! For now though I have lots of journal pages to share so enjoy!

Made mostly with ink and just a bit of acrylic in the background

This is one of my fave pages it has a layer of random papers sealed down with gel medium then paint and such with of course my lovely graffiti heart!

My favorite part about this page is the scribbly buttons! Lots of acrylic and ink on this page it reads"you are my only love always and forever"

This my favorite page in my journal! Her lips are a bit weird bt I still love it!

Another page where I put scrap paper down first, I am really loving that you can see little peeks of paper through the paint! Mostly acrylic paint and some ink and that awesome trim Samantha gave me! It reads "The only thing getting in my way is me"

I don't really know if I like this page, the girl is a stencil I made and then put modeling paste over it so its pretty thick, the page is mostly acrylic with some pastels

Layers of paper, gel medium, acrylic, inks, chipboard and yes even some feathers! (I have a new feather obsession) The purple you see dripping down is not paint nor ink its melted crayon! I am going to do a little tutorial for you guys tomorrow! It reads "you make every star shine brighter"

This is probably my second favorite page in my journal right now. It has a layer of paper, gel medium, gesso, modeling paste, lots of acrylic paint and my new brown paper bag graffiti hearts! It reads "sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air but you've got the love I need to see me through" It is from one of my favorite Florence and the Machine's songs! It makes me think of my wife who seriously saves me from anything and everything, even myself <3

One last thing here is a post on Samantha Kira's blog about us meeting for coffee and such! What I've learned about journaling with a friend

Well I hope everyone has a great Sunday!


 Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great weekend! So I decided to do a vlog because I hate typing but I love sharing my art and bits and pieces of my life with you all so here it goes!

Also here is the one of Samantha and I
video diary day #25

Alright well I am leaving you with that for now! If you have a vlog then feel free to post a link so I can check it out!