Creating Art when you are Disabled


So a lot of you may not know this but I create art with a slight disadvantage! I am blind in my left eye, not only that I have 25% vision in my right eye and no peripheral vision.    So let me tell you how I got this way. Well when I was twelve I had a brain tumor the size of a golf ball growing behind my left eye.  I was super lucky and blessed that it was not cancerous  and that there were really no complications. Yes I lost a lot of my vision, I also lost my pituitary gland and some other random things lol. I also stopped growing so this thirty something girl you look at today still has the same body she had when she was twelve! Crazy I know, what I also know is that I think differently, process things differently and just have a different outlook on things, but then again don't we all? 


I have tried really hard to not let my lack of vision get in the way of what I want, now there are certain things I definetly shouldn't do like drive a car or operate heavy machinery! I think making art became an outlet for me because it was so easy and natural for me even though drawing things with perspective and shadow and light did not and still do not come easy! I discovered art in junior high (I started 7th grade bald and gained about 60 pounds due to surgery) and let me tell you I NEEDED it like really needed it! Art became and still is like a best friend and I rarely think about the fact I am only seeing a limited range of what I am making at a time. 


So what I really want to say to you is no matter what your disability is you can make something beautiful. You can find a way to make it work and find a special way to express yourself. Art doesn't judge us for our disadvantages so just get out there pick up that paintbrush and make something, anything because I know you have it in you to put beautiful things out into this world! 


Fun with Acrylic Skins

 So I have been reading up on Acrylic skins and I have really been wanting to try it out so I thought I would document my little experiment and share it with you! (Let me just say I have made two more of these! Its a bit addicting!) Alright lets get started

Things you need

  • a Transparency (I used a 12x12 sheet protector)
  • Acrylic Paint (I used my high flow acrylics by Golden)
  • Liquitex Glazing Medium
  • Any other fun things you can throw in there! (glitter, puffy paint stamps maybe?)

 First spread out some of the glazing medium onto your surface (whether it be a transparency etc.) Don't worry about it being perfectly even it will settle overnight!

Now add drops of color into your glazing medium! Keep going til its just about full of color! I then just swirled some of the paint together with a toothpick! Then let it dry overnight!

 After it dries overnight it will be clear, I let mine dry two days just to be safe but that's all up to you! It will pull up really easily and feel almost like a taffy so be careful it will stick together!

 I used some black puffy paint to write all over mine and  then cut a heart out of it and put it in my journal! I love that its transparent! So many possibilities! Let me know if you try it out and I will see you soon! Happy Arting!

Why I Art Journal

 Hi there, I know it's been yet another month but well here I am again! This past weekend I had a small meetup with a few other crafty ladies at my house. Both of which were scrapbookers and had never really heard of art journaling, I showed them my journals and watched as they flipped through the pages. They asked how I got started and then one of them asked me why I art journal. Well it got me thinking why do I art journal? I have a few answers first I said simply because I love it I love taking paper and paint and making something beautiful.

 When I first started art journaling, I needed it, like really needed that outlet to gush all of my thoughts out on a page and then to cover them with paint. So why has that changed so much over the past four years? Now a days I write one word or a few little things that are running through my head. There are days when I pick up my journal turn to a blank page and find myself writing, but per usual it gets covered.  I guess I have changed and my need for art journaling has changed.

I art journal because it soothes ans awakens me, it sets me free, it lets me be messy and be a bit of a mad scientist. I love it so, my journals and the pages that fill them are a peek into my soul. So ask yourself why do you art journal? You never know what answer you might come up with.

Saying thank you

Normally I would post a tutorial today but I kind of felt like doing some writing so here is goes. I am so so thankful for the amazing things happening in my life right now, it's so important to stop and give gratitude when the universe gives you the things you have been working and hoping for. I recently found out that I have been granted disability/social security. We have been struggling with this for about two years now and I am so thankful that things have finally come around. You see just going to work and doing the things most people do daily can be difficult sometimes, I am legally blind in my left eye and have only 25% vision in my right, I had a brain tumor when I was 12 and do to that and the years following that, I became really socially awkward and am just now coming out of that (even though it shows up at the worst times) I could go on listing my health problems but I wont, I just needed to say thank you. Thank you for the recognition I have been receiving for the art I love making, for my family being in this amazing happy place right now, for the new friendships I am making and for my readers even if you just randomly stumbled across my page today for the first time. Thanks for reading my ramblings, have a happy Friday!

Glue it Tuesday

Hi there! Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! I am just here with a quick page I did this morning for Glue it Tuesday! I really love doing these pages they are so fun and spontaneous! I love the cute little tape sticker that Tangie Baxter gave me at her studio opening on Saturday! Also please sign up for my newsletter, I will be hoping to at least get them out twice a month, they will have lots of fun artsy goodness, so sign up and stayed tuned!  Well that is all for me I will be back soon to share some fun pages with you!

Creating your own Collage Papers

Hi friends, I hope you have all had an amazing summer and are getting ready to enjoy one of my favorite seasons, Fall. Today I have a mini tutorial for you all and I really hope you enjoy it. So I took out my HUGE Strathmore 18x24 paper and started painting fun shapes and patterns.

 Flowers and Feathers oh my

My wife sat down and helped me finish the rest of the page so I don't have to many in progress pictures

My last step was just doodling around the page with sharpie but I accidentally deleted the picture (oops)
I then cut it into smaller sheets and used it some in my journal.

Alright well there it is, super simple and fun. It's a great way to just relax and doodle with no pressure for your finished product because it's getting cut up. 
I am leaving you with a few new pages I have recently finished, have a great weekend.

Scrapook Sunday

So it has been awhile, I know but life has been a bit on the crazy side for these last few months! I got a new job , the ceiling caved in on our house and right  now we are in the middle of moving! This summer has been anything but relaxing but I have been very crafty and creative! Here are some scrapbook pages and some other paper crafting projects I've done in the last month. The first is a altered embroidery hoop that I made for a swap and I really like how it turned out but was so sad to give it away!

Well there ya go, my favorite is the altered dress form and well sadly it was also for a swap and I hope she loves it as much as I did! The two layouts I did for a challenge on Two Peas in Bucket and also for a scrapbooking site called Let's Scrap. I also had a lot of fun making the altered dominoes, they are super fun and easy! I also did those for a swap but I definitely want to make more! Alright that is all for me today but I will be back very soon! I hope you all have a great Sunday!

Glue it Tuesday and a Sneak Peek!

Hi friends, hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! Sorry for being MIA but I have been busy with work and family and life in general! I want to say a special thank you to Mimi for being such a great host while I was in California! I hope you all enjoyed her tutorial as much as I did! Alright on to Glue it Tuesday!

Her is my page for this week and then last weeks as well!

I also started ICAD I already shared the first card with yo, but let me tell you I am WAY behind!!! But I am going to stick with it! Here is what I have so far

And lastly a journal page I finished yesterday! I like how the page turned out! Alright well I promised you a sneak peek to something and that something is a fun summer art journaling class that I will be announcing tomorrow! The best part? It only costs $15usd !!! So come back tomorrow to check out the details and sign up! Have a great Tuesday!

Scraobook Sunday mini album style!

Hi friends I  hope everyone had a good weekend! Sorry this is coming in so late but I had SO many technical difficulties that caused me to almost give up! Well two hours later here I am with a fun mini album I made for a swap! I really love how it turned out and was SO sad to give it away! I don't have a picture of every page but you get the idea!

Alright that is it for me today, talk to you soon!

ICAD Day One yay!!!

Hi guys just a quick hello and then I am off to my birthday dinner (even though my birthday isn't until Tuesday) But anyhoo here is my first card. Today she put up some prompts for this week and the first one was Zebra so I grabbed my zebra print fabric and made some fun ruffles! If you don't know about ICAD go check out Daisy Yellow's blog for all the info! Have a great Saturday night!

Friday Video Tutorial!

Hi friends I hope everyone is having a great week and having a great start to their weekend! Alright well I am here with another fun tutorial for you this week! It's super easy, super fun and super cheap! We are using transparencies to make fun backgrounds and fun papers! I love doing this technique, I could probably sit and do this for hours! There are so many possibilities! Alright onto the video!

So here are some pics of all the papers I covered!

If you guys give this a try feel free to let me know I would love to see your results as well!
Alright so for June I am giving myself a few challenges, number one means a post EVERYDAY in the month of June, I know I can do it and well so I will! Second I am finally going to participate in ICAD over on Daisy Yellow's blog (it starts tomorrow!!!) I am dedicating myself to do at least 33 cards! Why 33 you ask? Because it's over half way and I am turning 33 in a few days! So hop on over to her blog and check it out! In the meantime I will see you tomorrow!!!

Glue it Tuesday (the rectangle edition) !!!

Hi friends I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I am back with another page for Glue it Tuesday as well as a few new journal pages! So this week I went on a rectangle rampage and just cut up a bunch of rectangles, which was fun but different.... Anyways I am happy with the way it turned out, I mean I have Darth Vader on this page. I think this week was just a reminder to have fun with your art and to not take yourself to seriously!
So yea it's a little crazy but I like it!!!

Loving this journal page, considering making it into a print to sell, what do you think?

And another journal page! It is a little busy but I like it!

 I hope everyone has a great Tuesday and I will see you again soon!

Glue it Tuesday!

Hi friends, I hope you are having great start to your week, I know I am! Well it Tuesday and lately Tuesday has become one of my favorite days, mainly because of Glue it Tuesday! I am really loving collage right now so the chance to get to do it weekly is lots of fun! Here is this weeks page!

I had a lot of fun putting this page together! The page was painted a couple days ago so that made it much easier to get started! I have sheets upon sheets of chipboard letters so I thought this would be a fun way to use them up! Happy Glue it Tuesday everyone!

Oooh and hey that's me! I finally got new glasses! I have had the same black and red glasses for probably five years now so it was about time, I love these!
I will be back soon with some fun projects and such, I hope everyone has a great week!!!

Scrappin Sunday!

So I have been bit by the scrapbooking bug again (it comes and goes) but right now I am addicted to making mini albums! So here is one I made earlier this week, I am thinking it might be fun for a Mothers Day gift!

It comes in this cute little box!

The whole album is made out of file folders!

love this page!

Almost all of the flip pages and pockets are made out of the extra pieces of file folder!

This mini album is really really easy to make, you could even make this into a travel journal of some sort, lots of possibilities! Here is the tutorial for the book,mine is tweaked a bit to my liking (I have one more page then she does for instance) Let me know if you guys make one, its a lot of fun! Have a great Sunday, see you soon!

Friday Five Minute Tutorial! (transparent papers)

I may have lied I believe the video is a bit longer than five minutes (ahem twenty to be exact) but I wanted to be thorough! I really really love making these papers, I make a new batch every couple weeks because I use it up so quickly! So I really hope you all enjoy and let me know if you try it and like it!

Also I wanted to ask you all a favor, are there any new techniques, or new things you are wanting to try? Something you see in my journal that you want to learn how to do yourself? Please feel free to comment or email me (, I want your opinions so I can build a better blog so that I am trying new things and of course so are you! I hope you all have a great Friday and a fabulous weekend!

Glue it Tuesday and some other Fun Things!

Hi I hope everyone is having a great week so far! This week seems to be flying by so quickly! I just have a few things to share fro you today!

Here is my Glue it Tuesday page!

 And a few new pages and finished paintings!
Lots of fun and lots of neon!

A page done for a Year in the Life you can check it out here

Ignore the terrible picture but I just finished this and am super happy with the way the canvas turned out!

Another canvas I recently finished, lots of fun puffy paint!

 I hope you all have a great Wednesday and I will talk to you soon!


Just a bit of an update!

Hi there! I hope you all are having a great spring so far! I have quite a few pages to share with you all so lets get started!

I started using my Moleskin journal for Glue it Tuesdays over at Artsyville's blog, I am having lots of fun so far!

I worked on this spread until the wee hours last night (4am to be exact) I really love the message that came through oh and I LOVE the neon! This page is also for the Sodalicious challenge!

At the Renaissance festival a few weeks ago I got this really awesome handmade journal and I just love working in it! It's much larger than any other journal I have worked in but I am really enjoying it!

Well I hope you are all having a great week! Talk to you soon!

Smashbook Sunday with a fun tutorial!

Hi friends! I am here with another quick tutorial for making your own sticker paper with stamps! I took like five minutes to do and I made a few tags and heart stickers out of it!

So here is what you need-
  • Sticker paper
  • Stamps
  • Die cut machine or stencils
  • Your favorite stamp pad

Start stamping randomly, working your way around the paper freely

Once you are happy with your paper, you can run it through your favorite die cutting machine, or use  a stencil!

Here is what I cut out, plus I have some leftover too!

Here is my finished page, I painted my hearts teal and viola cute stickers for your smashbook!

 Try doodling a full sticker page and you can cut those into fun shapes as well!
To make 3-D stickers you could layer stickers with foam dot adhesives!
Most of all have fun!

Have a great week and I will see you soon!

Five minute Friday Tutorial!! Fun with chalk pastels!!

Hi guys hope your week is going great! Here is this weeks video about using chalk pastels and gesso to get some bright vivid color in your journal! I hope you enjoy, and let me know if you guys try it out!! Have a great weekend!

Discoveries made in the Process....

Hi friends, hope everyone is doing well! Just a quick update, sharing some new pages and such, I will be back on Friday with a new fun 5 minute tutorial!

Lately I have had a lot on my mind, friendship, forgivness, being open to new possibilities and self love. You can tell in my journal pages that I have been writing a lot more than usual.

do you have periods of time where you feel more reflective? Feel like you need to get everything out, the good and bad?

Well I thing we all have go through things that make us think, make us evolve and learn who we are, maybe I am learning from my mistakes....

What is on your mind this week? Make sure to take time out of your day to reflect, journal and of course get some paint on your fingers! See ya Friday!