Friday Video Tutorial!

Hi friends I hope everyone is having a great week and having a great start to their weekend! Alright well I am here with another fun tutorial for you this week! It's super easy, super fun and super cheap! We are using transparencies to make fun backgrounds and fun papers! I love doing this technique, I could probably sit and do this for hours! There are so many possibilities! Alright onto the video!

So here are some pics of all the papers I covered!

If you guys give this a try feel free to let me know I would love to see your results as well!
Alright so for June I am giving myself a few challenges, number one means a post EVERYDAY in the month of June, I know I can do it and well so I will! Second I am finally going to participate in ICAD over on Daisy Yellow's blog (it starts tomorrow!!!) I am dedicating myself to do at least 33 cards! Why 33 you ask? Because it's over half way and I am turning 33 in a few days! So hop on over to her blog and check it out! In the meantime I will see you tomorrow!!!