Project Fall day one - Give Thanks mini book tutorial!

Hi friends, I have been gone for awhile but only because we very suddenly had to move houses! It is a huge long story and I am just so happy to be settled and ready to create in our new home! I am starting a new project for November, called Project fall, it is two weeks of fun projects from today til the day after Christmas! I hope you all enjoy! So today is Day one and the project is a give thanks mini journal/scrapbook! I am using it to write the things I am thankful for all this month! So here we go!

My finished book measures 5inches long by 6 inches tall obviously you can choose what works best for you!

First I cut all of my papers down to 10x6 inch pieces and then folded them in half

I then burnished them with the end of my scissors

I added tags and random strips of paper

After this I would up with two sections of paper each with four pieces of paper

I took the first section and opened to the middle, I measured the six inches and marked in the center at the 1 inch and 5 inch

Do the same thing with both signatures add the cover and poke through there as well

Grab your needle and book binding thread and start on the outside cover and poke your needle into the book
poke needle into the other side and come back around to the front
Tye your string as tight as possible and your done! Just a note I did each signature right outside of the center line on the cover, which is why it is tied on one side and not in the middle of the book!

I hope you all enjoyed the tutorial, I will be back tomorrow with another fun project for you all, questions and comments always welcome! Have a great day!