Art Journaling is a SMASHing good time!

Hi friends! I hope everyone is doing well! I have been super busy with work as well as THREE new dogs!  We adopted two goldendoodle puppies and took in a 13 year old dog! Needless to say life has been a bit crazy but on to the fun stuff!

I am so in love with my SMASHbook!
I am having such a great time working in my smashbook, granted I only have a few pages done but I love them! I love that I am taking my old passion of scrapbooking and my passion of art journaling and putting them together! So if you have a chance try it out, there are so many great ideas for using smashbooks! Here are some blogs with some fun ideas for using a smashbook

Instagram photos in a SMASHbook!
I adore her SMASHbook pages!
The official SMASHbook blog!
A Pintrest boaed for SMASHbooks!

Here are my SMASHbook pages thus far
I have two more SMASHbook pages in the works right now so stay tuned!!!

My Art Journal has been well a bit neglected...... BUT I am slowly getting myself back into it as well as experimenting, playing and just having fun with it! My new love is watercolors, I love the cool effects you can achieve with them! I will be doing a little watercolor tutorial for you really soon! I am still such a sucker for bright colors and painted doodles, I could sit for hours and doodle with paint it seems! Here are some recent pages!

 Challenge yourself this week and try some new things in your journal
  • Use some scrapbook paper in your art journal
  • Doodle with your paintbrush
  • Use your favorite art supply in a new way
Please check out Samantha Kira's post about our fun art picnic over here
Well friends that is all from me tonight but I will be back soon so stay tuned!