Inspiration Week!

Hello friends! This week I have something special to share with you! I decided to do a week full of artsy inspiration, we all can you some right? So today I have a video for you and I accidentally already posted the result page (oops) but I will re post it anyway!

So here is the result from using an inspiration flair tray!

On a sad note my golden retriever Copper passed away last Thursday, he wasn't eating and he was so skinny, and any time he did eat he couldn't keep it down. On top of all of that he was having a hard time getting around and was just sleeping all day because he had a huge tumor that was bleeding into his stomach. So on Thursday night our vet came to the house and put him to sleep, I miss him so much already but I know he is in heaven playing with his brother right now....  Well I will be back tomorrow, have a great day!