Collage Everday day 12

Yikes!Where did the time go? It most definitely slipped away from me, but I have been keeping up on my collage everyday challenge as well as taking photos everyday! So let's get right to it here are my collage pages day 3 to 12!

Yes there are a few older ones in there but I still like them so I figures they are worth posting! I am enjoying the challenge, I am using supplies I normally wouldn't and supplies I haven't used in years so it makes me happy!

I have one new journal page to show you, hopefully I will have one more done tomorrow as well, I miss art journaling, over the holidays, I really took a break from it and getting started again it hasn't been easy but at the same time it is like falling in love all over again!
I like this page , the colors and just being able to express how I am feeling makes me happy and isn't that what making art is all about?

Here are a few snapshots from the past few days....
 Our guest last weekend <3 his name is Stitch

 Mine and Samie Kira's mess on Saturday!

 My adorable niece Bella and I

More light play!

Alright friends I will be back on Saturday with more art to share with you! Also go check out Samie Kira's post about our New Years sleep over here ! Have a great day!