30 days of Collage Day 2

Hi friends I hope you are having a great Monday! I am back for collage every day with some fun things to share with you! Firstly I want to talk collage papers and images, using them both in your art journal and in your collage projects are tons of fun, but today I want to talk digital collage papers and images! Using images and back ground papers from the computer is nothing new, do remember having software that printed images to make greeting cards? I even had a Winnie the Pooh set! Well now with Photoshop and image manipulation and digital scrapbooking the possibilities are endless! One of my favorite artists Traci Bautista shares free digital collage pages from time to time as well as collage packs on her Etsy site! Gulfsprite has a good collection of digital collage sheets and sets to purchase! You can also find tons of free images as well as free digital scrapbooking kits all over the net. I decided to make my own digital collage sheet to share with you, it's my first one so I hope you all enjoy!

 I will be trying it out myself and I will let you know how it goes! Here is my collage for the day!
I don't like it at all but ya live you learn and now were moving on! Here are a few art journal pages!

Well I will be back tomorrow, have a great night!