Crayon Melting Tutorial!

Hello there! Once again I am very sorry for the long break, we forgot to pay our Internet bill (oops) so it got shut off for a few days! I have had this tutorial ready for you for awhile just been busy and then the whole Internet thing happened so now here I am! Melting crayons is a lot of fun and totally something you could do with your kids as well! But for art journaling sake I used it almost like an ink... Anyways on to the video!

Here is the finished page -
Also here are some of the other things I have been working on -

These fun fabric bracelets! I love making these and once I open my Etsy shop I will be selling them!

This one is a fabric headband!

And this one was my first bracelet! I personally like the teal one better!

I made this for a mail art swap it's a post card made from tin foil, ink and chipboard letters!

My first time sewing on paper! The fabric is some fabric I dyed using bottle caps wrapped around the fabric with rubber bands. I also dyed the lace and used the same tin foil method on the center of the flower!
Well I will be back on Thursday with some new projects and journal pages, I hope everyone is having a great week!