Sticky messy fun!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and fourth of July, I know I did! On Saturday I got feathers put in my hair which are super fun, I just got black and white ones but my wife got purple, pink and black and white! I also went to a thrift store and got a pack of 10 doilies for a dollar, a book of sheet music, a lace doily and a purse for a whopping 5 dollars! On a sadder note this was the first Fourth of July without Rusty but our first Fourth of July with our Mexican Hairless Amiga. I keep thinking I  am going to see him laying on his pillow in the closet when I wake up, or walking into the living room and him all sprawled out on the couch... it;s hard I miss him alot but it helps to know he is happier now.So about two weeks ago I bought a book called Stitch Alchemy which is about combining paper and fabric to make paper cloth and earlier this week I finally got around to making some and I love how they turned out! I will be doing a tutorial this weekend on how to make paper cloth (it's sticky and messy) but so much fun!

This was the second one I made and I love it, the picture doesn't do it justice, it's sparkly and there are lots of different elements to it, I cant wait to cut it up and use it!

This was my first one and once again the picture doesn't do it justice! There are so many layers and colors and sparkly stuff!

Here is a 12x16 canvas mixed media painting I finished on Saturday night, I am really happy how it came out, the words didn't turn out the best but I am not going to obsess over it!

Another journal page!

This journal page was a lot of fun, the background was made with my Inktense pencils, and the stars and wings are sparkly!
Well I hope you all have a great Tuesday, I will be back Thursday with more fun projects!