Spray Ink Tutorial!

Hello there! Hope you are having a fabulous Thursday! So today I would give you some writing and general journaling sparks to get you going! I know sometimes I sit down with my journal and ponder what I want to achieve with this page? What do I want to try? What do I want to say? So if you ever have days like these then these journal jumps will get you going!

Reverse Silhouette
Make a silhouette of yourself (which may require some help) or use an already taken picture, 
it can be your head or you whole body! Trace your sillouette into your journal 
(this way it can be used as a stencil later on!) Instead of filling your head or body in black, 
I want you to draw, paint, or collage the interior of your silhouette with the things that 
describe, represent or define you - fill the space. Then surround the sillouette with black!

One word
Pick a word - just one word! This word should be something that triggers a strong emotion - either positive or negative. Fill your journal page with that word - just that one word. Write it, stamp it, cut it out of a book or magazine. Write it once - BIG or write it many times in tiny writing. Explore that one word - try to explain what it means with your art. You cannot use any other words to convey what this word makes you feel.

I am sure you see graffiti on the sides of building in the cities or neighborhoods around you... This week create your own "tag" using your name or initials in a street style. Make it big and bold - fill your journal page with your "tag". Use colors that speak to you, make a stencil so you can repeat your "tag". Get in touch with your youthful side - set your inner child (or teenager) free!!

Use only the color red to make art today. You can use any shade or many shades of red, but you can only use red. No pure black, pure white - only shades of red. What emotion does the color red inspire? Passion or anger? Splash it on your page - release those inhibitions - go for it!!

Dedicate an entire page in your journal to doodling. Try out designs and patterns. Look for inspiration all around you, in everyday stuff.

And I saved the tutorial for last because I think it's terrible! But if it helps you or you learn something new from it than I am happy!

Here is my finished page!

Well I hope all of this get you going! Feel free to leave a link to your blog or web album so we can see how you used the prompts! Have a great Thursday!