Some revamping to be done!

Hello there I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! I am going to be making some changes to the blog, but good ones I promise! So if you come by and things look crazy it's because I am working on some new things!

Lately I have been dying fabrics, I use some of them in my art journal and on other mixed medial products. I have a blast dying them and seeing how they come out! I can't wait to cut these up and use them in my journal!

My art journal is almost finished! I feel like I went through so quickly, and if you look through it the front half of the book it is so different from the back half.  But I really love that my style is changing, has your style ever changed? Did you like it? I am really happy with my recent work so let's hope that it keeps going and evolving! Well onto the pages!

I'm gonna keep going, I'm gonna keep trying til I reach the stars

you've got to be kind to yourself

I don't need you anymore, I'm letting go...

lots of hidden journaling and unreadable journaling!
Well I hope you all have a good beginning of the week! I will be back on Tuesday with a tutorial!