Sickness and sadness....

The past week has been probably one of the worst weeks ever! Last Friday I woke up and threw up everything I ate for dinner the night before and was ill all weekend! 

During the week our dog Rusty slowly but surely lost all control of his back legs, he was 10 and after a trip to the vet we knew we had to put him to sleep. Luckily we have an AMAZING vet and she came to the house to put him to sleep. This happened yesterday and I am so sad and very much missing him right now but I am also trying to stay strong for my wife she has had him all of his life and I have had him since I met her six years ago. He went with friends and family surrounding him which is the best way to go I think.  I miss him and I don't know if I will ever NOT miss him...

Well no onto the art, I haven't done much this week, my craft room has been a bit abandoned due to me being sick and having to take care of a dog who could no longer doing anything on his own. But last night to cope, I worked in my journal and the rest were done last week.

I wanted to learn how to draw roses so these are the results!

You can be my lucky star

Take a chance you owe it to yourself

making my dreams a reality

Well thanks for taking a look, I will be back Monday with more! Have a great weekend!