Paper cloth tutorial!

Hello there friends! I apologize for not posting sooner but I have been a busy bee! Next Monday we have family coming into town, and I just had my best friend since junior high leave town so I have been pretty busy! But things are doing good, just s lot going on! On Tuesday I went with Samie Kira to her mixed media art group in Glendale and had a blast! I got to meet Dina Wakley and several other talented artists! But I have to say I really enjoyed watching Dina work in her numerous journals that she brought! So thank you Samie for letting me tag along with you! Alright enough of the talk and onto my oh so terrible tutorial! I filmed this so many times that I was just so so frustrated by the end! But here it is!

Here is my finished results!

I added stamps, puffy paints and some fun white circles! I can't wait to turn it into something great!
Here are some recent pictures from my journal!
More flowers!

for my wife...

playing with my new teal ink!
I finally made a cover for my journal! It's sewn together like a basic book cover you can take off and put back on! My sewing is terrible but I still love it!
I really hope you enjoy the tutorial! Any questions please feel free to email me or leave a comment! I hope you all have a great Thursday!