Make your own chipboard accents!

So today I have a cool project for you, I love buying blank chipboard shapes and inking, painting and decorating them! My fave are the Tim Holtz Grungeboard, BUT since not all of us can afford the expensive stuff I figured I would do a quick photo tutorial for you!

Assorted cut out cardboard shapes (I like to use cereal and cracker boxes)
Modge Podge
The sky is the limit!

Start out by painting your shapes white

Once your paint is dry you are ready to go!

Swirls of fuchsia, pink and purple paint

Leftover paint from star!

Spray Ink with a stencil!

Painted blue, pink and purple and wiped with baby wipe to show off embossing!

painted orange, yellow and pink and then wiped with a baby wipe to show texture!

Water color hearts!

Graffiti fabric (made by me) cut and modge podged!

Another graffiti heart

Painted, wiped, written on and then a clear coat of glitter glue

My finished results, can't wait to use these in my journal!

Well I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial, try it out and let me know how it turns out! Have a great Sunday and I will be back tomorrow with some of my last journal pages!