Let me tell you a story...

So on Saturday I turned 31.... wow 31! I had a really amazing birthday I met Samie Kira for coffee and she showed me how to make an art quilt and I actually really love how it is coming along! We also went to the scrapbook store and I got some cute things to go into the hair flowers I sell (I will show you tomorrow). After that my wife and sister and I went to paint pottery, went to dinner and then went to the casino! We played black jack until almost three in the morning! I had a wonderful birthday, but it also reminded me of what I was going through twenty years ago.

Just a few weeks before finishing sixth grade I became really ill. I had a brain tumor, it was the size of a golf ball and it had made it's home on the left side of my brain right behind my left eye. I never understood the seriousness of what was happening at the time, I did not realize I could die, lose vision in one eye or even both. I was in the hospital for two weeks and I woke up comepletly blind in my left eye and bald - bald right before junior high. I still vividly remekber saying goodbye to my parents while they waited for me to go to surgery and for me to fall asleep.  My life has been impacted by this in so many ways, from my weight, to my self conciousness to being a miserable teenager and becoming the adult I am now.

Now onto the lighter side, I am starting thirty days of blogging, which will be difficult since I already put off writing blogs! The idea for this came from Diana Trout  I know I can do it, so I am starting today June fifth and will end July fifth ! Alright I will be back tomorrow will some fun things for you!