Buttons and Fabric oh MY!

I have been an art quilting fool for the lest week, I love it! It's making me a better sewer and finally starting to use all of the felt and fabric I have! So it took me a week to do one and then two days for two! I highly recommend trying it, I am going to make more and possibly sell them on Etsy once I get better! If you make Art quilts I would love to see them feel free to post a link to your blog! Here are the ones I have made which were all given to my wife for her birthday yesterday!

They are not the best pictures but my wife hung them up as soon as we got home from dinner!

So last week I challenged you to use something from your kitchen in your art journal, I used salt and a straw and it came out pretty cool!

Samie Kira let me use her white sharpie on this page and then I sewed on it as well! If you tried this challenge I would love to see your results!

Alright tomorrow I will have a small video for you as well as another art journaling challenge so please check back then!!!