What I am working on!

I have been quite the busy bee lately! I have gotten up to making a full journal page a day, which is a lot considering when I started this two years ago it was once or twice a month! I am an art journaling addict and am proud to be one because someday in the future this is GOING to turn into something amazing <3 It's hard to look at  my friend Samantha Kira's life ,she has so many challenges she has to overcome everyday and she is published in several magazines and sells her art like crazy! One day I am going to be like her one day... (By the way she has become a great friend and I forget that she is this big time artist when we are together, she rocks my sox) But the point of the story is that one day I am going to make it and one day I am going to finish school and make my family and wife proud because that's all I am really looking for.... I think that's what all of us are looking for.

Ok so I am done with my ranting now onto the pretty things....

I love the background on this page and it has so much potentional and I don't feel like I let it go as far as it could have but that's ok...

I made some felt and punchella hearts with my cuttlebug and sewed them together with a button! The lines you see are a sewing pattern for curtians! The title says love yourself.....

I love the background and all the layers on this page, it was a lot of fun to make! By the way the flower things are ketchup cups I stole from Fatburger!

A page I made for my amazing wife <3

Another journal page made from some inks Samantha let me use and some new fabric my wife bought me and Samantha sewed it on for me!

I snapped this today when I was done taking pictures of my journal pages, This is from the tree in our front yard!

Well thank you again for looking and thank you to my little group of followers <3 I hope you all had a great Hump day!