Tuesday Tutorial

Well I had a great video I planned to film last night and then I didn't get home til ten and I was so tired I went to bed at eleven, yes eleven which is pretty early! So today I have no video but instead a photo tutorial on how to make textured backgrounds with Gesso.

What you need:
A butter knife or palette/painting knife
Acrylic paint
Baby Wipes

So prep your page by adding a layer of Gesso
 After that layer is dry use your knife to spread out Gesso on your page

Next add your choice of Acrylic paint

Then take a baby wipe and rub away excess paint to reveal texture

I then added a layer of light blue which turned green of course!

I added a layer of green and wiped away a voila a cool textured background!

I know it's not the best but it will have to do for today, I am working on a journal page as we speak and hopefully I will be posting that tonight! Happy Tuesday!